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Tired of hurting? Want to reduce stress? Improve sleep? Boost immunity & address a variety of health issues? Our community acupuncture sessions offer personalized treatments in a restful, group setting, helping us keep prices low.

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Our functional medicine approach identifies the root causes of your health concerns. We leverage the power of lab tests to identify biochemical and genetic markers and dive deep into lifestyle factors to create a personalized plan for long-term wellness.


Achieve optimal health through personalized meal plans, ongoing use of our digital meal planner, and nutritional counseling. Using food as medicine to help you prevent and reduce chronic disease.



We offer custom herbal formulas and pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Selecting the right supplement is essential. We use a variety of advanced lab tests to identify your nutritional needs and guide picking the right supplement.

Our Prices

We strive to make our appointments accessible to as many people as possible by offering a flexible pricing structure. 

Personalized care that empowers

Our personalized approach ensures you feel heard and respected.  The care we provide is restorative and enables you to find ways to get back to doing the things you love.
We believe affordability is essential to good care.  Being able to engage in a course of treatment is a large part of our patients’ success stories.  Our virtual sessions are affordably priced and acupuncture is pay-what-you-can on our sliding scale.
Affordability, community, and individualized care are the foundation of medicine that empowers.

Why Work With Us


You want a natural solution that gets to the root of the problem.


We integrate
natural medicine with time-tested
traditional methods,
blending East & West.


We get to know you and create a treatment plan and lifestyle program that fits your situation.


We aim to be affordable and sustainable.

We're here for you

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Patient Testimonials

“So lucky to have discovered this gem of a place...after trying doctors, meds, and chiropractors for an excruciating bout with sciatica, with very little success, I tried this place on recommendation of a friend in the neighborhood. 3 months of regular treatments later and I can move very close to pain free, plus I have seen a dramatic reduction in migraine headaches and overall better energy. Dr Gigi is truly amazing, kind, talented, caring person who make all feel welcome and comfortable. And it's affordable! What a great addition to our neighborhood. Would recommend to anyone experiencing pain, or who just want a new way to relax..”
Frank B.
“So many reasons why this place works! Easy online appointment scheduling, amazing knowledgeable staff, affordable sliding scale that makes this place frequently accessible to all, and did I mention the puffy, cosy recliners? Ahhh, the bliss of an acu-nap!  I've been treating my lung health here for over a year. I now reach less for all my western pharmaceutical meds and I'm breathing easier. Since starting herbal consultations in January this year, my lungs and breathing have been clearing for the first time years, and this has been through pollen season!! My cough is gone, I am healing and doing it without breaking the bank. I feel so blessed to have this available to me in my own neighborhood,
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"I had looming spinal surgery and immense pain.  Before opting for surgery, I decided to try every single alternative to rule out all options. I decided to try acupuncture for pain management. And what a treat...never imagined I would say treat about being poked with needles, but it is true.  

This center is an extremely organized, highly professional, incredibly affordable, clean, community wellness service that offers premium health care options.  The acupuncture physician is skillful, knowledgeable, compassionate, encouraging, and kind.  This is a true wellness center that focuses on the ingenious techniques of a centuries old acupuncture, herbal. nutritional, and lifestyle medicine. All this care happens in soft, cuddly, reclining teddy bear chairs, amongst meditative music, in a room with others seeking wellness. 

 I now go 2 x weekly, the pain is less intense and I'm getting around better.  I sleep better, am less tense and feel more balanced, connected and peaceful. And that's just for starters. All I can say is GO, and you will receive more than you imagined.  Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture is a magical, healthy place!!!  ”
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