6420 N Central Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

Our Mission

Welcome to Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture, where we’re committed to providing you with affordable and convenient holistic care that brings rest and relief to your busy life.  

Whether you prefer onsite community acupuncture at our clinic, or functional medicine services from the comfort of your own home by telehealth, our goal is to help you achieve optimal wellness and address the root cause of your health concerns.

We believe that by empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your health, we can help you make meaningful lifestyle changes that support your well-being. Let us help you discover a path towards greater health and vitality today!,

Our Vision

Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture is a place to recharge and offers you a quiet refuge in the middle of your day. We provide personalized acupuncture sessions in a group setting to keep prices low and leverage the effects of the group setting to speed healing. We offer you the support you need to start feeling better and will meet regularly through telehealth to manage your care, and share self-care focused on your concerns.

Our patients have access to pharmaceutical-quality herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, and advanced lab testing. Dr. Gigi consults with each patient to create a care plan focused on your concerns & priorities. 

Good care doesn’t have to be expensive. When we work together as a team so much more is possible. 

“Create healthy habits,
not restrictions.”

Clinic Founders


Gigi Khalsa, AP

Gururas "Gigi" Khalsa is a community acupuncturist and the director of Seminole Heights Community Acupuncture. She has more than 20 years experience as a licensed acupuncturist and has provided more the 70,000 acupuncture treatments to patients.

Dr. Gigi is nationally board-certified and licensed to practice acupuncture, herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, and lifestyle medicine in Florida. She is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University where she received her Master's degree in acupuncture and East Asian medicine. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida.

As Clinic Director, Gigi Khalsa works to build a thriving team and to create a space that inspires healing and empowers change.


NamJoti (NJ) Khalsa,
Clinic Manager

As the clinic manager, NJ is the voice on the phone and the smile behind the mask when she greets you at the door. NJ focuses on making your SHCA experience smooth, peaceful, and safe.

NJ also facilitates peer-to-peer grief support groups through a local non-profit, Grief Companions, and volunteers with Chapters Health Hospice Care LifePath Hospice.

We are not accepting new patients for acupuncture